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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Remember to Look UP!

As much as I enjoy "finding things" on the beach, beach combing is really a form of meditation to me.

It's easy to get so focused on what's on the beach, and what I am finding, that I forget all about everything else... including the fact that I am there to "get some downtime in." I am by nature (no pun intended) a bit of a "nature nerd," and I have always found that being outdoors is one of the best ways for me to recharge my batteries, especially when life seems hectic and stressful.

It's also a simple truth that beach combing involves a lot of "looking down." After all, if we're to find stuff, we have to look at what's underfoot. The "danger" is that I tend to become so focused on "finding" that I forget to enjoy all the natural beauty around me... things I will only see when I look up. Not mention, of course, that there's the real danger of running onto an overhead branch from a fallen tree! I've done that. More than once.

So, today's "advice" to beach combers is this: Remember to look UP, from time to time.

Because I enjoy nature photography, I sometimes bring along my camera as a "reminder" to look up and see things other than sea glass. There is SO much beauty around us. It would be a shame to miss it all, just because we are always looking down!

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