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About North Beach Treasures

"Hi, my name is Peter and I'm a beach combing addict."

It feels a bit like that, sometimes. I started picking up things on the beach when I was maybe five or six, under the supervisory eye of my father. At the time, we were living in the south of France and we spent many weekends on the beach-- and I became fascinated by what I came to call "the little blue stones."

The "little blue stones," of course, were tiny pieces of cobalt blue sea glass in the pale sand. Although my mother generally made me leave them behind when we would return to my native Denmark, I never forgot the joy of walking a beach in search of tiny glittering "jewels" of many colors.

Of course, I have picked up many other things along the way, aside from little pieces of blue sea glass: Shells, pottery, driftwood, rocks, fossils and much more. I am fascinated by the fact that the ocean brings new treasure with every tide.

I am just someone who walks on the beach, and feel blessed to live in a place where the shoreline is virtually in my back yard.

"North Beach Treasures" was born as a result of the Internet Age, and my discovery that there were other collectors around the world... as well as a multitude of artists working with "upcycled" or "found" objects. I decided to start sharing my finds with other people (frankly, I started running out of room!) and created North Beach Treasures as a trade name.

For those who are interested, my treasures from the sea can be found on eBay and Etsy, where I maintain a couple of shops, each generally with hundreds of items in stock. Offerings run the range from select individual sea glass rarities for collectors, to "lots" assembled specifically with jewelry makers in mind.

In addition to offering beach combed items for sale, I also maintain this blog, a sea glass page on Facebook, an informative web site about sea glass, and an online photographic "encyclopedia" of sea glass on the Flickr photo sharing web site.

Recently, I also added a "Beach Comber's Book Store" to my sites-- a hand-picked selection of books relating to sea glass, beach combing and coastal living.

You can also keep up with my beach combing adventures by following me on twitter. Links to all of these venues can be found in the right-hand navigation column.

I appreciate your interest!

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1960 vintage Danish national now living in the Pacific Northwest... active in the global HSP community; active beach comber and sea glass collector; lifetime collector of postage stamps from Scandinavia; writer and consultant, primarily to the metaphysics and self-help industries, writer at OM Times magazine; artist who doodles on rocks; eBay & Etsy entrepreneur and studio and production assistant at Radio Nahmaste.

Diverse enough for you?