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Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Rising Popularity of Sea Glass

There is little doubt in my mind that sea glass is pretty popular. When I think of all the beach houses I have visited that had jars of seaglass in the window sills, and the people I've met while wandering the sea shore, I realize that collecting sea glass has wide appeal.

I've been collecting for 40+ years (since I was a little kid, basically) and I certainly realize that I am "not alone" out there, when I am beach combing. It surprises me sometimes, though, just HOW many people are familiar with sea glass.

I thought perhaps my perspective was skewed by my involvement in the growing sea glass "community" on the web. For example, I belong to a couple of online communities for sea glass enthusiasts, each with more than 1000 members, all interested in the same thing. Similarly, I have been a seller of sea glass on eBay for a few years... over the years, at least 500 different people have bought something from me.

That said, I increasingly notice sea glass in the news, and in the media. Whether it's a Travel Channel documentary, or snippets on late night talk shows, a surprising number of people seem familiar with sea glass. In fact, I was recently interviewed by a local writer putting together articles about beachcombing/sea glass for the Seattle Times Sunday magazine. The writer's wife is an avid collector and lives here in my town.

However, the degree to which awareness of sea glass is "in public view" really struck me recently, when I decided to add a sea glass "album" to my pictures I have posted on social networking site Facebook. Now, with the exception of maybe a handful, none of my Facebook friends know me in connection with ANYthing to do with beach combing and sea glass.

And yet?

As soon as I started posting photos of sea glass, I also started getting comments from all over the place... from people I've known for years and years... and whom, it turns out, also collect sea glass.

I think it's wonderful how this pastime/hobby of ours ties folks together, from all walks of life. If you haven't mentioned sea glass to your friends, you might be surprised at how many of them are also collectors....

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