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Friday, November 12, 2010

Introducing the Sea Glass Book Store!

Just for fun, I have decided to add a small online "book store" to the blog and to the North Beach Treasures web site. You can find it by clicking on the "Sea Glass Bookstore" link, above, or by following the link at the end of this post.

Although the popularity of sea glass-- both as something to collect, as well as a medium for jewelry making and crafts-- has greatly increased over the past decade, it still remains very much a "specialty" item. As such, not many books have been published about the subject, and 8 years after its publication, Richard LaMotte's "Pure Sea Glass" remains the standard against which all other books about sea glass are judged. If you don't own a copy already, I highly suggest you click on the link and buy it, now!

The Sea Glass Bookstore is actually about more than just sea glass-- it's a collection of my favorite books (and related!) about beach combing and coastal nature, which has been such an integral part of my life, for the past 40+ years. I've also included a few art books, and art instruction books.

I'm not really doing this to "make money" (although I'd certainly not complain if you decided to buy a book, or two!), but more as a way to share some of my favorite books and make it possible for people to get "instant gratification," rather than just read about a book and then wonder "I wonder how I get my hands on one of those?"

For the moment, there's only about 25-30 titles listed, but I think they are worthwhile ones. I will add more, as I find them.

Visit The Beach Comber's Bookstore!

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